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Olafur Rafn Jonsson is State authorised translator for Icelandic /English/Icelandic since 1960. German and French translation services.

Resumé  I have been active as an authorised translator in Iceland, since receiving my certification in 1960.  A citizen of Iceland, I reside in the northern coastal town of Akureyri. My name is Ólafur Rafn Jónsson, born on the 8th of July 1936 in Reykjavík, where I attended primary school till the age of 9, when my family moved to the United States of America, where my schooling continued in New York City, a totally new environment that rendered me bilingual at an early age.After the family returned to Iceland, my schooling continued and concluded with my attendance at the Secondary Grammar School in Reykjavík. On completion of my final examination there in June of 1956, I was awarded a scholarship by the Institute of International Education for further studies abroad. Yale University was my first choice.  I was accepted there and subsequently received financial aid from the University till my graduation, in 1960, with a BA (Honors) in Political Science.  Besides my major subject, I studied languages, such as French, German, Classical Greek and Latin. My certification as a state authorised translator in English/Icelandic/English followed on my return to Iceland.Translations have served me well and they have kept me busy through the decades. During my thirty years of teaching English at Akureyri Secondary Grammar School and intermittently at the University of Akureyri, I also worked on translations for local businesses and insurance companies. Recently, translations of rules and regulations of the University of Akureyri, including its plethora of programmes of study, kept me rather busy. For ministries, I have worked on international agreements and regulations dealing with such diverse subjects as aviation (JAA) and intellectual property rights. Legal documents of various kinds such as adoption papers and contracts have frequently found their way to my desk. Interpreting in a court of law is another dimension of my work. Although teaching and translating have played a significant role in my work schedule, I have ventured into other areas of activity including work as passenger traffic supervisor for Icelandair at Akureyri Airport during summer vacations from school for 26 years. Earlier job experience includes work in industrial relations and as civilian personnel training officer at the US Air Force Facility, later US Naval Installation at Keflavík Airport, a part of earlier NATO operations in Iceland.My wife, Danielle Palade, is of French origin. She is a former flight attendant at Icelandair and currently practising and promoting homeopathy. French/Icelandic/French interpreting .Our five sons have flown the coop after concluding their studies, one of them lives in Spain, Henri Palade Olafsson pilot instructor in the U.K., and the other three reside in Reykjavík, where information technology is a major attraction for university graduates.French and  English are the languages always used in our home. As far as German is concerned, I am fairly well versed in the language, since my occasional work as a guide these days requires a degree of proficiency therein.Our home phone number is +354 462 3430 and my mobile phone no. is: +354 659 4831Our e-mail addresses are:  audesapere@internet.is  or    orafn@internet.is       


Löggiltur skjalaþýðandi ísl/ens/ísl síðan 1960. Almennar þýðingar á ísl/frönsku/ísl og þýsku.






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