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doggy steps 5 step

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Price: 14.900 kr
Added: 13. j˙nÝ 2007
Updated: 13. j˙nÝ 2007
Ideal for helping smaller and older dogs to go places that are hard to reach
dsc00331_640_01photo0010_640_01The solution is Doggy Steps. It’s just the right height to help smaller and older dogs step up where they want to go - up to couches and beds. It’s also great for pets to step up into cars or trucks. It’s lightweight and portable so it goes anywhere and no more bending over to help your pet up… so there’s less stress on your back too!

Doggy Steps is essential for pets with hip dysplasia, arthritis, simply old age. Doggy Steps gives your pet freedom from the floor—and more COMPANIONSHIP than ever before!


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