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BIOEMSAN hand cream 70 ml

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bioemsan hand cream

Naturally moisturised hands.


bioemsan hand cream is fast absorbing, leaving a pleasant feeling to the skin and is the most natural way of protecting the hands from premature skin ageing and UV rays.


Simply beautiful hands:

bioemsan hand cream has a pleasantly fresh odour and is a combination of high-quality oils and fats, moisturising hydrosols and Effective Microorganisms (herbal extracts, Manju Sea Salt, Manju and ceramic powder). One feature is the natural sun filter, from the bark and leaves of an Indian tree that protects the hands from premature ageing due to UV rays. Avoid using aggressive soaps to clean your hands and nails, instead use bioemsan salt soap.


Hands are permanently exposed to all kinds of environmental influences. Initial signs of ageing are especially obvious on the backs of the hands – not least because the hands lack protective and nourishing subcutaneous fatty tissue.


To keep your hands soft, apply generous amounts of cream before washing the dishes or doing other work around the house and garden. After washing them with bioemsan salt soap, dry your hands well and look after them with fast-absorbing bioemsan hand cream.


Treat your hands and nails – especially when they are tired – occasionally give them intensive care with bioemsan balsam cream: Sparingly apply cream to clean hands and nails, slip into cotton gloves and leave for a few hours – preferably overnight. Massage the remaining cream into the hands in the morning.


Free from synthetic emulsifiers, scents, colourings and preservatives, not genetically modified.

INCI components:

AQUA (revitalised water and Manju), CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS OIL * (thistle oil*) ALCOHOL* (organic ethyl alcohol*), CITRUS AURANTIUM AMARA FLOWER DISTILLATE * (orange flower water*), BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER* (shea butter*), CETEARYL OLIVATE (and) SORBITAN OLIVATE (emulsifier derived from olive oil), SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS OIL * (jojoba oil*), CETYL ALCOHOL (fatty alcohol), CAMELINA SATIVA OIL * (gold of pleasure oil*), ROSA DAMASCENA DISTILLATE* (rose flower water*), HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA DISTILLATE* (witch hazel distillate*), CERA ALBA* (beeswax*), ALUMINIUM IRON SILICATES (ceramic powder), PONGAMOL (extract of pongamia – natural sun filter), TOCOPHEROL (natural vitamin E), XANTHAN GUM (xanthan), SALES (Manju Sea Salt), LACTIC ACID (lactic acid); herbal extracts*: ANTHEMIS NOBILIS EXTRACT* (roman camomile*), CALENDULA OFFICINALIS EXTRACT* (marigold*), LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA EXTRACT* (lavender oil*), GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA EXTRACT* (liquorice root*); POTASSIUM SORBATE (potassium sorbate); AROMA* (blend of essential oils*): Limonene**, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**, Citral**, Farnesol**. Conserved with potassium sorbate.


* from controlled organic farming

** from natural essential oils

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