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EM-1 Effective micro-organisms 250 ML

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Working with EM™ Technology for a Sustainable Environment. Sustainable Soil
& Water Ltd provides a natural solution to environmental problems through
'EM Technology'.

  What is EM (Effective Microorganisms) Technology?

  a.. EM is a combination of useful, regenerative and beneficial
microorganisms that exist freely in nature. They have not been manipulated
in any way. They comprise many different kinds of effective,
disease-suppressing micro-organisms, each of which has a specific task to
  b.. The micro-organism in EM are both naturally occurring and are harmless
to humans, animals and plants.
  c.. In addition, these micro-organisms enhance each other's working, in
other words - a synergy occurs!
  d.. The application of EM Technology increases the natural resistance of
soil, plants, water, humans and animals and more importantly, considerably
improves the quality and fertility of soil as well as the growth and quality
of crops.
  e.. EM is extremely efficient at cleaning up pollution, be it of chemical
or organic origin.

  EM technology was developed 25 years ago by Professor Teruo Higa, at the
University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, as an alternative to
agricultural chemicals.
  EM is one of the most popular microbial technologies being used world-wide
and is now used in over 120 countries.
  EM products have been on the market since 1983.
  EM is a powerful probiotic and antioxidant and when given to livestock
boosts their natural immunity, helping to keep them healthy and productive.
  Sustainable Soil and Water Ltd supplies only genuine EM® products and

  f.. Agriculture - EM silage which increases yield & reduces methane
production and also N-Hance farm slurry treatment.
  g.. Aquaculture & Fish Keeping - Improving water quality & fish health
with EM and EM Ceramics
  h.. Aquatic Ecosystems - Bioremediation of lakes & ponds using EM for silt
reduction & pollution control
  i.. Biobeds - The use of EM to increase their efficiency
  j.. EM Composting - EM Bokashi to improve composting efficiency
  k.. Equestrian - EM Bran to boost your horses health and EM for odour
control in stables.
  l.. Horticulture - EM to increases soil fertility and disease suppression
  m.. Hydroponics - EM will increases efficiency of nutrient uptake
  n.. Poultry & Game - EM as a probiotic & for odour control
  o.. Reed Beds - Using EM to increase their efficiency

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