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Books : An Earth Saving Revolution volumes 1 & 2.

These books are recommended to everyone who would like to know more about the principles and uses of EM. Everyone from gardeners to farmers and civil servants who are interested in preserving both their own health and the environment will gain from reading these books.

Volume 1: topics

  • EM-Hope for the planet.
  • The complete solution to all food problems. Organic cultivation and weed control.
  • Resolving environmental problems.
  • A way out of our medical malaise. Increased longevity, antioxidant benefits, cancer protection. Regenerative micro-organism activity to keep us healthy.
  • Society based on co-existence and co-prosperity. Moving away from a consuming competitive market.

Volume 2 : topics

  • EM Initiatives. A new kind of industrial revolution.
  • Recycling Kitchen Food waste with Bokashi. Improving quality and yeild of home grown food.
  • Sustainable Organic Agriculture using EM.
  • Animal husbandry and animal wastes.
  • EM approach to water pollution.
  • EM Technology. Case studies from around the world.
  • >EM Ceramics. A revolutionary technology. EM a Regenerative Magnetic Resonance that enhances life itself.

DVD Film “Life in the soil”:

This film encourages people to think about how we are living! The healthy soil is portrayed as an extremely complex living organism. The soil life is filmed in wonderful natural colours with the use of an electronic microscope. The message coming from the film is clear: recognise the importance of sustainable agriculture and learn the nature of the soil life in order to completely understand it.

The soil is a vulnerable living organism. In order to ensure a sustained productivity and stability, the soil must be continually fed. The film covers various aspects such as an introduction to soil science, soil microbiology, sustainable agriculture, agricultural ecology and environmentology. The film is suitable for all levels of agricultural colleges and universities. The film is also appealing for the general public and of course the keen gardener.

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