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photo0271_640The EM Bokashi Kitchen Waste System.
Bokashi kitchen waste composter one set of 2 including 2 x 600 grs BOKASHI

Bokashi kitchen waste composter  Japan



The Bokashi kitchen compost bucket is used to ferment kitchen waste and neutralise odours, using dried organic Bokashi. EM-Ceramic Powder is added to the Japan kitchen compost bucket’s plastic during production, which guarantees an optimal fermentation process. The compost bucket is convenient and easy to use, with high-quality manufacture. The end product of the Bokashi kitchen compost bucket creates high-quality fertiliser that can be used in pot plants or your garden. The liquid that is discharged from the rotary valve is heavily diluted (1:1000 – 1:2000) with a very high-quality flower fertiliser.

Japan kitchen compost bucket volume: approx. 19 litres


The recycling of everyday kitchen waste has become a popular way of making nutrient-rich compost by many keen gardeners.

Our EM® Bokashi Kitchen Waste buckets have been specially designed for the purpose and make this system easy to use. Unlike traditional methods of compost where the organic waste rots, the EM system ferments the kitchen waste inside the bucket. Because there is no rotting, there is no offensive smell which makes this system ideal for use in the kitchen.

Incorporated in the polypropylene of the bucket is EM ceramic powder which enhances the fermentation process as does the Bokashi which is an organic bran which has been inoculated with EM Effective Micro-organisms. The effective micro-organisms have a detoxifying effect on the waste and exert antioxidants. The end product is a rich compost with a pro-biotic effect on your soil which ultimately makes your soil, and all that grows in it, less vulnerable to disease.

The food waste bokashi can be dug into flowerbeds and vegetable patches, fed into composters or dug around the roots of trees and bushes. For those with small gardens, or even just yards and window boxes, it is possible to dig the compost into large plant pots and planters.

Seeing is believing, and the results of plant growth are stunning.

This is a great way of not wasting your waste. Not only are you doing your bit to help the environment you are saving cash with this innovative method of recycling.
About 30% of UK domestic waste is organic matter. This represents a difficult and expensive waste problem due to greenhouse gas (methane) and leachate, a toxic by-product which can cause groundwater and surface water pollution. Government legislation now advocates that councils must seek alternative methods in waste disposal. Many councils across the UK are already using this system and following examples of other countries all over the world that have implemented EM technology.


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